Plot Summary

Once again tampering with mother nature to disastrous results, Dr. Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) continues his research in director Brian Yuzna's second sequel to the 1985 splatter classic Re-Animator.

Currently serving time in a maximum security prison for his previous exploits, West's limited prison-cell experiments are suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Howard Phillips (Jason Barry), the new prison doctor and the brother of the girl who suffered from West's experiments 13 years earlier. Knowledgeable of West's previous experiments and eager to assist the mad doctor in continuing his studies, the naive Phillips discovers that West's continued studies have revealed a more effective means of bringing back the dead -- the removal of an individual's Neuroplasm, or soul, and the injection of it into a newly reanimated corpse. An electrical phenomenon discharged at the moment of death, with the discovery of the Neuroplasm West may have finally discovered the missing link to effectively bringing life to death. Or not.

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dr. herbert west Jeffery Combs
young howard 'howie' phillips Tommy Dean Muset
dr. howard phillips Jason Barry
emily phillips Barbara Elorrieta
laura olney Elsa Pataky
kitchen zombie Angel Plana
cop 1 Javier Sandoval
speedball Santiago Segura
sergeant moncho Lolo Herrero
cabrera Enrique Arce
moses Nico Baixas
warden brando Simon Andreu
officer falcon Joaquin Ortega
nurse vanessa Raquel Gribler
winni Daniel Ortiz
big dude Cesar Nebreda
s.w.a.t. officer 1 Ignacio Vidal
s.w.a.t. officer 2 Miquel Angel Ripeu
s.w.a.t. officer 3 Adan Rodriquez
director Brian Yuzna
H.P. Lovecraft
Jose Manuel Gomez
Miguel Tejada-Flores
Brian Yuzna
executive producer
executive producer
line producer
creative producer
Carlos Fernandez
Julio Fernandez
Julio Fernandz
Brian Yuzna
Teresa Gefaell
Brian Yuzna
original music (theme)
original music
song "move your dead bones"
Richard Band
Xavier Capellas
Jordi Cubino
cinematography Andreu Rebes
editing Bernat Vilaplana
Merce Espelleta
louis Hammond
production design Llorenc Miquel
set direction Deborah Chambers
costume design
Catou Verdier
head hair stylist
hair stylist
assistant hairdresser: valencia
assistant hairdresser: valencia
makeup designer
makeup artist
key makeup artist
lab crew
Lu Amaya
Veronica Caballero
Vicen Beti

Vincent Gaya

Karol Tornaria
Karol Tornaria
Maite Tuset
Patrick Magee
production management
Teresa Gefaell
Eva Taboada
first assistant director
second assistant director
third assistant director
additional assistant director
Fernando Sanchez-Izquierdo
Pedro Loro
Isabel Caralt
Bea Morillas
Inaki Sanchez

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