1949 - Philippines

A director, writer and producer , Brian Yuzna was born in the Philippines, but grew up in Nicaragua, Puerto Rico and Panama before moving to the United States in the 1980s. Most of Yuzna's film work is in the horror genre, though he has also ventured into science fiction. Like his friend and fellow filmmaker Stuart Gordon, Yuzna is a big fan of H.P. Lovecraft and has adapted several Lovecraft stories for the screen.

With Julio Fernandez, Yuzna started Fantastic Factory, a label under Barcelona film company Filmax. Yuzna's goal for Fantastic Factory is produce "modestly budgeted genre (horror, sci-fi, fantasy) films for the international market (shot in English language) using genre talent from all around the world and to develop local talent."

2004 Rottweiler Director / Producer
2003 Beyond Re-Animator Director
2002 Darkness Producer
2001 Arachnid Producer
2001 Faust: Love of
the Damned
Director / Producer
2001 Dagon Producer
1998 Progeny Director
1998 The Dentist II Director
1996 The Dentist Actor: Attendant / Director
1995 Crying Freeman Producer
1994 Ticks Executive Producer
1993 Return of the Living Dead 3 Director / Producer
1993 Necronomicon Actor: Cabbie / Director / Producer
1991 The Guyver Producer
1991 Silent Night,
Deadly Night 5
: The Toymaker
Producer / Screenwriter
1990 Silent Night,
Deadly Night 4
: Initiation
1990 Bride of Re-Animator Director / Producer / Screenwriter
1989 Honey, I Shrunk
the Kids
1989 Society Director
1987 Dolls Producer
1986 From Beyond Producer / Screenwriter
1985 Re-Animator Producer

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