Plot Summary

Eight months after the events of Re-Animator, Dr. Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) and Dr. Dan Cain (Bruce Abbott) are working as medics in the middle of a bloody Peruvian civil war. In the chaos of battle and with plenty of casualties to work on, they are free to experiment with West's re-animation reagent. When their medical tent is stormed by the other side's frontlines, West and Cain decide to return to home to Arkham, Massachusetts. There, Cain resumes his former job as a doctor at Miskatonic University Hospital and West returns to a basement laboratory to continue his research.

Using parts pilfered from both the hospital's morgue and from the cemetery conveniently located next door, West discovers that in addition to whole corpses, his reagent can also re-animate body parts by themselves. He becomes determined to create an entire living person from disparate body parts.

West discovers the heart of Meg Halsey, Cain's fiancée who died at the end of the first film, in the hospital morgue. With the promise to use the heart to re-animate a new Meg, West convinces Cain to help him with his project. Also stored in the morgue is the rest of the evidence from the "Miskatonic Massacre" (seen at the end of the first film). Inside, mortician Dr. Graves (Mel Stewart) discovers a vial of West's reagent and the severed head of Dr. Carl Hill (David Gale). Using the reagent, he re-animates Hill's head.

Meanwhile, policeman Lt. Leslie Chapham (Claude Earl Jones) begins investigating West and Cain. He bears a grudge against the pair, as they were the only unaffected survivors of the "Miskatonic Massacre" in which his wife's dead body was re-animated into a crazed zombie. Chapham suspects West and Cain are responsible. When he stops by their house for a second time to question them, he discovers West's corpse-filled lab. A fight ensues and West ends up killing Chapham. West then re-animates the police officer with the intention of covering up his crime. Chapham violently wanders out of the house and into the cemetery next door.

Hill also bears a grudge against West, as West was responsible for his decapitation. Using his hypnotic powers, he commanded Graves to stitch bat wings onto his neck, giving him back his mobility. He also extends his mental control to all of the zombie survivors of the "Miskatonic Massacre", as well as newly-created zombie Chapham.

When one of Cain's patients dies -- the beautiful Gloria (Kathleen Kinmont) -- West collects the last piece he needs for his creation: her head. With a complete body stitched and wired together, West and Cain inject the re-animation reagent into Meg's heart. While waiting for the reagent to take affect, a package is delivered to their house. West retrieves and opens it. From inside, Hill's winged head flies out. Simultaneously, all of the zombies he controls break into the house. West retreats back to the basement lab, where his creation, the Bride, has awoken.

A catfight breaks out between the Bride and Cain's living girlfriend Francesca Danelli (Fabiana Udenio). Cain rejects the Bride's love and sides with Francesca. Heart-broken, the Bride rips Meg's heart out of her own chest and then literally falls to pieces. Clinical West diagnoses this as tissue rejection.

Hill and his zombies force West, Cain and Francesca to retreat through the wall of the lab and into a crypt in the neighboring cemetery. Inside, all of West's prior re-animated body part experiments arise and attack them. The unstable crypt begins to collapse, trapping Hill, West and the zombies. Cain and Francesca manage to escape the debris and they claw their way to the surface of the cemetery together.


herbert west Jeffery Combs
dan cain Bruce Abbott
megan halsey Barbara Crampton
dr. carl hill David Gale
dean alan halsey Robert Sampson
mace (miskatonic security guard) Gerry Black
dr. harrod Carolyn Purdy-Gordon
melvin the re-animated Peter Kent
nurse Barbara Pieters
swiss professor Ian Patrick Williams
swiss doctor Bunny Summers
dr. gruber Al Berry
swiss policeman #1 Derek Pendleton
swiss policeman #2 Gene Scherer
psycho ward guard #1 James Ellis
psycho ward guard #2 James Earl Cathay
E-R patient corpse Annyce Holzman
slit wrist girl corpse Velvet Debois
failed operation corpse Lawrence Lowe
motorcycle acciedent corpse Robert Holcomb
facial bullet wound corpse Mike Filloon
one-armed corpse Greg Reid
tall skinny guy corpse Jack Draheim
bald O-R corpse Pitzele
director Brian Yuzna
H.P. Lovecraft
Rick Fry
Woody Keith
Brian Yuzna
executive producer
executive producer
executive producer
Hidetaka Konno
Michael Muscal
Keith Walley
Paul White
Brian Yuzna
original music Richard Band
cinematography Frick Fichter
editing Peter Teschner
casting Billy DaMota
production design Philip Duffin
art direction Joseph Ressa
set direction Simon Dobbin
costume design
Robin Lewis-West
special makeup
effects artist
special makeup effects
special makeup effects
special makeup
effects artist
special makeup effects
artist (uncredited)
Everett Burrell

Anthony doublin
John Naulin
Gerald Quist

John Carl Buechler
executive in charge of production Dennis Murphy
production manager Michael Muscal
assistant director Tim Minear
sound re-recording mixer
Gordon L. Day
Dean Okrand
music editor Tom Villano
special effects:
EFX lead
special effects
Rechard N. McGuire

Bret Culpepper
stunt coordinator
stunt double:
dean halsey/dr. hill
Dan Bradley
Ray Lykins

Scott Alan Cook
Mike Filloon
Ray Lykins
George P. Wilbur

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